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About Us

The Tulip hostel is founded in 2017, since the building is new you will enjoy the feel of new and fresh house. Our home is clean, safe, friendly. With 30 rooms and each room is fully furnished are attached with the ward robe, window, A/c, lobby, bath room. We are now happy to welcome you at the new large reception where you'll be met by our invariably friendly and highly professional staff. Our Tulip Womens Hostel is a place of comfort to stay for students and working women.

We provide safe and hygienic living condition. There is provision for single & double bed room with hall and kitchen facilities fully furnished. Now we need not worry about placing in college far away from their home for girls. We also have a full time security guards. And the entire building is under camera surveillance, specially appointed persons will be watching the entrance of the hostel to let you feel safe through out the day and have a carefree sleep at nights.

The required essential are available within the hostel campus, as well nearby shops. There’s plenty of opportunities to get to make the most of the on-site Shopping Complex, cinema, Club, and restaurant - also at the area. Added to that the fact that Market and all needs are on your doorstep from this location, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.